Why Energy-Efficient Windows Are Important in Wisconsin

large energy efficient picture window with grids

Energy-efficient windows are important for any home, but with the weather extremes in Wisconsin, they are even more important. As winter temperatures dip below zero with biting cold winds and summers approach triple digits with unrelenting humidity, anything you can do to make your home more comfortable is well worth the investment.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we are proud to offer high-performance, energy-efficient windows that can make a noticeable difference in your comfort and energy costs.

Why Are Energy-Efficient Windows Important?

Wisconsin has extremely cold winters, hot, humid summers, and plenty of rain and snow to make it feel damp and cool. Compared to standard windows, energy-efficient windows block more heat loss in the winter to minimize drafts and keep your home warm and cozy. In the summer, they reduce heat gain so you can keep your home cooler while minimizing utility costs. They are a great investment that can pay off in the long term with lower heating and cooling costs for the life of the windows.

How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

In any home, windows are the weak spot when it comes to thermal performance. Even the best windows cannot match the efficiency of a well-insulated wall, but there are steps you can take to minimize heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. These include:

  • Double- or triple-pane glass: Single-pane glass makes it easy for the cold winds to bleed heat away from your home in the winter and for heat to migrate inside in the summer. Dual- and triple-pane windows include a sealed space between the panes, which creates an insulating layer that slows heat loss and heat gain.
  • Argon or krypton gas infill: Inert gases like argon and krypton work much better than air as an insulating layer, so when they are added between the layers of double- and triple-pane windows, they can significantly increase the thermal performance of the windows.
  • Low-E coatings: Low emissivity coatings block the UV rays that cause most of the heat gain in the summer. This makes it easier to keep your home cool, reducing your air conditioning costs.

Our Energy-Efficient Window Options at Zen Windows

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we offer three distinct window series, each with impressive energy-efficient features, so you can choose the perfect windows for your needs and budget. Our window lines include:

  • Karma: Featuring dual-pane, single-strength glass, our Karma windows add argon gas and an advanced low-E coating for improved efficiency, along with the Intercept warm-edge seal and spacer system.
  • Nirvana: Also dual-pane, the Nirvana series is upgraded to double-strength glass for improved durability. In addition to argon gas, a low-E coating, and the Intercept warm-edge spacer, the Nirvana series also features Comfort Foam insulated frames for extra thermal efficiency.
  • Lotus: Our Lotus series windows feature double-strength, triple-pane glass with dual low-E coatings for ultimate efficiency and performance. Argon gas is used between the panes for added efficiency, as well as a Super Spacer metal-free warm-edge spacer and seal.

Why Choose Zen Windows Milwaukee for Energy-Efficient Windows?

From double-hung windows and sliders to picture windows, bay windows, and bow windows, when you need efficient, high-performance windows for your Wisconsin home, choose our team at Zen Windows Milwaukee. We make the process of buying and installing replacement windows easy and convenient with:

  • Hassle-free, no-obligation window replacement quotes
  • No high-pressure sales tactics or pushy salespeople
  • Impressive financing options with no money down
  • Top-quality windows with professional installation services
  • A true lifetime materials and labor warranty on all our windows

Find the perfect replacement windows for your Milwaukee home today! Call 414-881-9361 or contact us online to request your free, no-obligation window replacement quote.