Which Windows Boost Curb Appeal the Most?

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With the housing market heating up in Milwaukee and across the country, there’s never been a better time to replace your old and worn-out windows. While homes with outdated windows could still sell well, buyer negotiations could include a credit to cover the cost of window replacement.

Whether you plan to move in the near or distant future, improving your home’s curb appeal with new windows that are stylish, practical, and energy-efficient is a terrific way to boost your home’s value. 

Large white window with grids looking out on brick courtyardWhat To Consider When Choosing Window Styles

Windows are one of a home’s most defining features. When you’re ready to replace yours, you want to choose styles that complement your home’s architectural style. If you’re planning to replace your windows or are designing a new home, these useful tips offer guidance on which window types increase curb appeal.

As you browse the available window styles, models, and features, keep in mind that the choices you make have varying benefits. Some windows are simpler to operate, while others offer higher energy efficiency. So, when making a decision, consider how you want your new windows to perform and look.

For instance, when it comes to aesthetics, sliding windows nicely complement ranch-style homes but aren’t usually the best choice for Victorian-style houses. Hopper windows are probably not the best if you live in a rainy area. And you don’t want to install fixed models like picture windows in rooms where you want ventilation.

To ensure you get maximum energy efficiency from your new replacement windows, consider your home’s orientation to the sun and wind, as they can affect heating and air-conditioning costs.

Replacement Windows That Boost Curb Appeal

Milwaukee is well-known for its “Milwaukee bungalows,” Craftsman-style houses with wide barge boards framing the roofline. But the area is also home to single-family ranches and duplexes, as well as Greek Revival, American Foursquare, Mission, Classical, and French Eclectic style homes.

These window types tend to enhance them best.

  • Bungalow-style homes: Craftsman-style houses feature deep porches and mixed material façades. Double-hung and casement windows are good choices for bungalows, as are dormer, transom, and picture windows.
  • Ranch-style homes: Single-story ranch houses often have large front porches and patios. As ranchers sit low to the ground, their windows should be wider than they are tall, and it’s best to forgo grilles. With their simple design that can be manufactured in just about any size, slider windows are an excellent choice.
  • Contemporary houses: These are known for their fuss-free form, flat roof, and varied-material façades. You can use nearly any window style on contemporary homes. Casement, double-hung, picture, bow, and bay windows all add tremendous curb appeal.
  • Greek Revival homes: These look best with large double-hung windows with six panes in each sash. Casement windows are another equally appealing choice.
  • Duplexes: Any two-story home looks great with double-hung windows. Sliders are also good choices for duplexes.

Three tall double-hung windows in the front of a homeZen Windows: Always the Right Choice

If your Milwaukee area home needs a curb appeal boost, replacement windows are a simple, cost-effective way to achieve it.

With three window brands to choose from and various features, options, and customizations available, Zen Windows Milwaukee can help you decide which of our replacement windows will give your home the new look you’ve been dreaming of.

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