Lotus Replacement Windows in Milwaukee, WI

These days, homeowners are constantly seeking out ways to optimize their homes for improved energy efficiency and insulation. When selecting the perfect replacement windows, consumers are attracted to those products that can deliver on the promise of improved energy efficiency, durability, and reliability. That’s why at Zen Windows Milwaukee, we developed the Lotus line of replacement windows to meet all of your quality and performance expectations.

Zen Windows’ Lotus line features innovative window technology to help reduce energy waste and thermal transfer through the windows in your home. Our team of highly-skilled installation and replacement professionals have the tools and experience you need to bring powerful replacement window solutions to your Milwaukee residence.

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Features of Lotus Replacement Windows for Milwaukee Homes

The Lotus line of replacement windows was developed to keep up with emerging trends in window technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency and home insulation. These innovative solutions feature incredible advancements in window technology to meet your quality, performance, and efficiency expectations, including:

  • Triple-pane technology: Three panes of Ultra S™ double-strength glass make these windows the industry standard in durability and reliability.
  • Double low-E glass coatings: Lotus line of replacement windows feature two low-E radiant energy coatings for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Argon gas thermal pane fill: Further protect against thermal transfer with windows equipped with argon gas thermal pane fill.
  • Super Spacer® warm-edge sealing: Fend off excess moisture buildup and thermal energy transfer with metal-free, warm-edge sealing around your window’s perimeter.
  • Low-profile tilt latches: Enjoy enhanced comfort, durability, and energy efficiency while protecting against intruders with the Lotus line’s extra-secure, low-profile tilt latches.

With so many incredible features, there’s no reason not to choose Zen Windows’ Lotus line for your window replacement needs.

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Benefits of Lotus Replacement Windows with Zen Windows Milwaukee

Lotus windows were designed to provide Milwaukee homeowners with unique benefits when compared to other window solutions. When you select Lotus replacement windows for your home improvement project, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Reduced monthly energy expenses
  • Improved home comfort
  • Enhanced window security
  • Decreased maintenance requirements

Zen Windows is not only committed to providing exceptional products, but our team is dedicated to making your replacement window service hassle-free and simple. That means speaking directly to a dealer to bypass pushy salespeople, getting a fast free quote, and receiving double warranties on all replacement window products.

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Simple and Accurate Quotes

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When you need superior energy efficiency and performance from your windows, look no further than the Lotus line at Zen Windows. Offering the latest advancements in window technologies, our Lotus line is proven to enhance energy efficiency, durability, and performance for your Milwaukee replacement windows.

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