Entry Doors in Milwaukee, WI

High-Quality Front Doors from Zen Windows Milwaukee

Looking to upgrade your current entry door with better durability, efficiency, and an overall better look? Zen Windows Milwaukee has exactly what you’re looking for. Our exterior door installation services are provided by experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable experts. With our no-risk financing options, it’s never been easier to choose Zen Windows.

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Our Entry Door Styles

Ranging from classic wood to fiberglass, we have tons of options in stock just for you. Our styles include:

6-Panel Doors

A go-to classic for many homes, this style is highly durable. We offer painted and stained options so you can truly make it your own.

Cherry Fiberglass Doors

Enjoy a breathtaking elegant natural wood-grain look that’s a perfect addition to any home while enjoying the benefit of superior moisture resistance. Cherry fiberglass doors provide versatility and energy efficiency, and they require minimal maintenance.

Cherry Grain Fiberglass Doors

This beauty comes with an insulated foam core, making it a perfect blend of energy efficiency and elegance. It’s also scratch-resistant, leaving it beautiful for much longer than the average door.

Craftsman-Style Entry Doors

Our lovely dual-panel base with a glass pane gives you all the security and strength of a sturdy, solid door while still letting in natural light into your home. With various designs and custom options, you can enjoy the style of a craftsman-style door and feel secure in its safety and durability.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Only made with the most durable materials, this fiberglass option is moisture- and scratch-resistant, plus it’s highly customizable. Choose from a variety of patterns, shapes, and textures.

French Fiberglass

Glass panels and double doors to bring the sunshine right into your home. Beautify your home with this elegant and timeless style.

Hinged Door

There’s beauty in simplicity. Perfect for narrow entryways, this style acts as a subtle complement to any room and home.

Tranquility Glass

Add a touch of beauty and elegance with decorative panels of gently frosted, patterned glass – allowing sunlight to illuminate your home while maintaining your privacy.

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Why Choose Zen Windows?

We’ve been providing superior door installation services for years. In that time, we’ve only ever delivered excellent customer service to the best of our ability. At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we love what we do: making your home the home of your dreams. Now with over 25 locally-owned Zen Windows companies in the country, we want to do for you what we’ve done for thousands of happy customers. Get your new and improved door with Zen Windows.

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