Bay Window Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Increase Curb Appeal With New Bay Windows

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For unique, timeless beauty and added usable space, bay windows are the go-to option for window replacement. Zen Windows Milwaukee can provide quality bay window products from trusted and proven manufacturers and professional bay window installation that will leave you with a flawless finished product to enjoy for years to come.

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What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows project outward from your home, often creating an arc or boxed polygonal appearance that provides a bay that is usable as a shelf or seating space. Most bay windows combine a single, large picture window or fixed window in the center, with two smaller windows flanking each side. The flanking windows can either be fixed or operable—casement and slider windows are popular choices, providing both ventilation and an attractive appearance.

Bay windows take up a considerable section of a room but provide additional usable space within the bay. These windows can be smaller, only taking up a quarter of a wall, or they can span nearly the entire length of the room. Because of this, bay windows are typically used in lounges, seating areas, living rooms, bonus rooms, and rooms that have a good view of your home’s landscape.

The Advantages of Bay Windows in Wisconsin

  • Panoramic views and natural light: Bay windows are gorgeous and expansive, offering an excellent view of the outdoors and bringing in tons of natural light to brighten your home.
  • Additional, unique, usable space: The bay can be used as a decorated space for creative seating or a unique viewing area.
  • Optional ventilation: You may choose to keep all of the windows in a bay window fixed for excellent energy efficiency or opt to have them operable to let fresh air in.
  • Added home value: Bay windows are highly sought after in all types of homes. This translates to a considerable boost in home value, potentially paying you back a large bit of the installation cost down the line.

What’s the Difference Between Bay & Bow Windows?

These two window types are often confused and for good reason. Both protrude from your home, create usable indoor space, and create an arc on the exterior. The easiest way to know the difference is that the bay window will always feature a singular, larger window in the center with two flanking windows. Alternatively, a bow window could have four or more panes, usually of equal size, to create a graceful and less polygonal arc.

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