Bow Window Replacement & Installation Services in Milwaukee

If you have a large window space in your home, you may need to consider a bow window. Allowing plenty of light in and adding to the architectural appeal of your home, bow windows are worth considering as you search for your next window installation.

bow windows installation in milwaukee

In Milwaukee, homeowners who are considering bow windows can trust the knowledgeable team at Zen Windows Milwaukee. We can help you explore your options and choose a beautiful, durable window for your home.

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What Are Bow Windows?

Bow windows are banks of windows made from six to eight individual windows that slightly curve out from the home. They are similar to bay windows, but the curve is slighter, so they don’t have to stick out quite as far from your home. They are an attractive option to add a large row of windows to your home to let in natural light.

Benefits of Bow Windows in Milwaukee

Bow windows provide several benefits for your Milwaukee home. You will notice that they:

  • Let in plenty of natural light
  • Offer a sophisticated, elegant look to your home
  • Have a slimmer profile than bay windows
  • Work in homes that do not have the right structural design for bay windows
  • Provide unobstructed views

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Trust Zen Windows Milwaukee for Bow Window Installation and Replacement

If bow windows are the right choice for your Milwaukee home, the team at Zen Windows Milwaukee is ready to help you find the right ones. Zen Windows Milwaukee takes a low-pressure approach to our window sales and installation services. We require no money down, and back our windows with a double warranty guarantee. You will never be pressured into a window that’s not a good fit, but will work with a professional who wants you to choose the ideal window solution for your needs.

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