Cold Weather Window Installation in Milwaukee

Getting good quality windows for your home can be especially difficult in the cold months experienced in Milwaukee. Luckily, the experts at Zen Windows have the expertise to provide you with superior window installation, even on the coldest days.

Benefits of Installing Windows in the Winter

Replacing your windows in the winter can actually be quite beneficial. It can improve your home’s comfort levels by better blocking cold air from coming into your home, as well as save on your utility bills. If your windows are in need of replacement, don’t let the winter months make you hold off. Zen Windows can provide you with brand-new windows and make the installation process as convenient as possible.

Winter Window Installation Process

Our window installers will take great caution when installing your windows during the winter to help retain the warmth inside your home and minimize outside exposure. We will carefully work on one window or area at a time, while sealing off the rest of your house to make sure any cold air doesn’t carry throughout your entire home during the installation process. Our window installation process may take longer when performed during the winter, but the outcome is worth it.

However, there are some winter conditions that can affect the quality of the installation. If it’s too cold outside, it’s possible that the caulk won’t set properly. Any weather below 15 degrees isn’t ideal for installing windows. Anything zero or below and the caulk won’t set properly. So, while we can install your new windows during the winter months, we want to make sure we still work in the proper conditions to ensure you receive the best quality of work possible.

What Types of Windows Are Best for Winter?

Our most popular choice of windows among homeowners is triple-pane windows. These types of windows are ideal for keeping warmth inside your home during the winter months. Triple-pane windows are welded with argon gas, which is essential for creating a quality thermal barrier for your windows.

If you’re interested in installing new windows for your home during the winter, call us at 414-881-9361 to discuss your options with a window installer. You can also get a quote online now.