Cold Weather Window Installation in Milwaukee

Wisconsin’s winters are not for the faint of heart. December to February daytime temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees Fahrenheit. We average 40 inches of snowfall in the south and as much as 160 inches up north in the Lake Superior Snowbelt. January is the coldest month; our overnight temperatures average about 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you see signs of poor window sealing — such as warm air loss causing spiked monthly energy bills, drafts, and ice on the inside of your window — there’s no reason to wait for spring. Your comfort and safety shouldn’t be compromised.

We’ll partner with you to find the best possible windows at the most affordable price and schedule the winter installation date. If it’s too cold for our sealing materials or a snowstorm makes visibility and mobility difficult, we’ll find another day and time that works for you. That’s the Zen Windows Milwaukee difference. No hassles. No pressure. Uncompromised customer care.

Benefits of Installing Windows in the Winter

Do you know when the best time to install your Zen Windows Milwaukee door or window is? Any time you’re ready! You deserve beauty and indoor comfort year-round, so that’s why our team of window installation professionals works all year. Winter installations are easier to schedule, but you’ll receive the same excellent customer care as the rest of the year.

Your replacement windows can earn a return on investment of as much as 78%. When you consider the increased property value and lower monthly energy bills, Zen Windows practically pay for themselves. And by installing windows in winter, you can take advantage of increased efficiency and decreased heating costs right away. 

Other benefits of installing replacement windows include:

  • New insulated windows will reduce noise pollution.
  • You don’t need any money upfront. In fact, you don’t pay anything until your project is complete.
  • Our windows come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • You’ll love the look and feel of your window replacements.
  • Zen Windows offer easier maintenance.

Winter Window Installation Process

Our window installers will take great caution when installing your windows during the winter to help retain the warmth inside your home and minimize outside exposure. We will carefully work on one window or area at a time while sealing off the rest of your house to make sure any cold air doesn’t carry throughout your entire home during the installation process. Our window installation process may take longer when performed during the winter, but the outcome is worth it.

However, some winter conditions can affect the quality of the installation. Any weather below 15 degrees isn’t ideal for installing windows. Anything zero or below and the caulk won’t set properly. So, while we can install your new windows during the winter months, we want to make sure we work in the proper conditions to ensure you receive the best quality of work possible.

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What Types of Windows Are Best for Winter?

Because they are extraordinarily energy-efficient, vinyl windows are terrific for Wisconsin. A lot depends on the type of visibility you prefer and which direction your windows face — if they are exposed to more inclement weather or sunshine. Zen Windows Milwaukee thermal windows provide additional protection and energy efficiency.

When it comes to insulation, casement and double-hung windows might be the best choice. Casement windows have fewer openings and no sash. And don’t let the weather be a deciding factor if you want a picture window! With double- or triple-pane insulated glass and the added protection of Zen Windows professional installation, you can enjoy the winter wonderland from almost any room in your house. Our thermal windows use special gases between panes for additional insulation:

  • Argon: This is the most common gas for insulated windows; it’s perfect for windowpanes that are 1/2 an inch apart.
  • Krypton: Krypton works best in windows with panes that are 3/8 of an inch apart.

If you’re interested in installing new windows for your home during the winter, call us at 414-881-9361 to discuss your options with a window installer. You can also get a quote online now.