Double-Hung Window Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

The Most Popular Replacement Window Installed By Milwaukee’s Top-Rated Window Company

Double-hung windows offer a traditional yet versatile replacement window option to homeowners and stand as one of the most popular window styles used in homes. Zen Windows Milwaukee offers leading double-hung window options from top-class and trusted manufacturers.

double hung window replacement in milwaukeeWith our diverse array of options, customer-driven services, and dedication to providing a stress-free replacement window experience, Zen Windows Milwaukee is the team you can trust for peerless replacement windows and new double-hung windows.

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

In a standard single-hung window, there are two sashes present within the window frame, but the top sash is fixed, leaving only the lower sash operable. In the case of a double-hung window, both sashes are suspended and can be opened and closed independently. This is done using a pair of grooves located on the side jambs so that each of the sashes can slide independently without interacting, allowing for an unobstructed opening.

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Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

As one of the most iconic and classic window designs on the market, double-hung windows are beneficial to own. When selecting double-hung windows, you can expect:

  • Excellent ventilation: With both sashes operational, homeowners can choose to have a section of both the top and bottom window open at once, providing free-flowing fresh air for your home.
  • Supreme diversity: Double-hung windows come in nearly limitless design and material types, from double-hung windows with or without muntins to a wide range of colors.
  • Simple maintenance: In double-hung windows, the sashes can be tilted inward into your home, making cleaning the sashes, tracks, and glass very easy and safe.
  • Energy efficiency and comfort: Modern double-hung windows come with a huge range of efficiency options including Low-E glass, double-pane and triple-pane varieties, and additional insulation incorporated into the frame.

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Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows 

Some confusion about the difference between these two window types is understandable—initially, they look identical in form and function. The difference lies in the fact that, while both types of windows feature two sashes, only on the double-hung window are both sashes operable. Double-hung windows can be opened from the top, from the bottom, or at both ends. The main advantage of this lies in added ventilation and versatility, and also double-hung windows are substantially easier to clean and maintain.

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Keeping Your Double Hung Windows in Peak Condition

Keeping your new replacement windows clean and well-maintained is the ideal way to protect your investment against sticking, jamming, and poor operation. With double-hung windows, this process is easy as can be! This is because both sashes can be tilted inward using a simple lock or latch mechanism, which provides access to the window glass, window sash, and tracks with ease.

Simple and Accurate Quotes

Double-Hung Window Sales & Installation in Milwaukee

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we make getting new and replacement double-hung windows simple and stress-free. Whether you’re looking for new windows, replacement vinyl windows, or guidance on what works best for your home, you can count on our experts to provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Double-Hung Windows Energy-Efficient?

Double-hung windows from Zen Windows are, yes! However, the style itself is not inherently more energy-efficient. Like most window types, double-hung windows start out somewhat standard. All of our windows, including double-hung windows, come outfitted with a range of energy-efficiency features like low-E glass coatings, double- or triple-paned glass, and thermal insulating foam set into the frames.

How Long Do Double-Hung Windows Last?

The life span of double-hung windows varies greatly depending upon the materials used, the quality of those materials, and the capability of the manufacturer and window installers. Choosing our top-notch products like high-quality vinyl double-hung windows, you can expect our products to last decades, provided they are well cared for.

Which Material Is Best for Double-Hung Windows?

Zen offers vinyl and fiberglass—double-hung window material options are diverse, and each comes with its own perks and disadvantages. Because we offer specifically high-quality vinyl windows, these go at the top of our list for “best.” In terms of easy cleaning, longevity, and beauty, it’s hard to beat vinyl double-hung windows from Zen Windows.

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