Energy-Efficient Windows in Milwaukee, WI

As part of a home’s exterior, windows contribute to the building envelope and help to determine the overall comfort and efficiency of the indoor environment. Windows that are outdated, damaged, incorrectly sized, or poorly installed can allow conditioned air to escape and the outdoor elements to enter. When it comes time to replace the windows in your Milwaukee home, you can maximize your investment and satisfaction with the installation of energy-efficient windows from a trusted, reliable contractor. Zen Windows is the premier source for replacement windows in and around the Milwaukee area with top-quality products and an outstanding commitment to customer service.

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Energy-Efficient Window Installation & Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Zen Windows provides homeowners throughout the Milwaukee area with an array of energy-efficient replacement window styles and materials, including:

Our window installation experts are highly trained in the latest techniques and technologies and have the tools and experience needed to install all types and models of windows. We will complete your installation expertly and efficiently to the highest standards for safety and performance, and our exclusive product line of energy-efficient windows includes:

  • Nirvana window line – This high-performance customer favorite has all the features you need with the selection of colors, stains, shapes, and sizes you desire. 
  • Karma window line – Double-pane windows combine low-E glass with an argon gas pane filler for maximum thermal insulation and optimal efficiency. 
  • Lotus window line – This feature-rich window line is optimized for energy efficiency and superior performance with the latest innovations and technology. 

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Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are designed to resist heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors to keep your Milwaukee-area home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. High-quality windows from Zen Windows are multi-glazed with low-E coatings and additional features that contribute to their exceptional efficiency and benefits that include:

Cost Savings

In an area like Milwaukee where there are four distinct seasons, you can instantly reduce your energy costs by keeping conditioned air inside your living space and using less energy to heat and cool your home. 

Increased Insulation

Energy-efficient windows form an insulative barrier against the outdoors, so no matter what the weather brings, the temperature inside your interior living space remains consistent while eliminating hot or cold spots in the home. 

Greater Comfort

Drafts are created as cold glass from old or damaged windows forces the air next to the window to cool and drop to the floor, continuously cycling and causing discomfort to guests and family. Energy-efficient replacement windows have a warmer surface temperature and are designed to seal tightly to prevent air leakage and enhance comfort. 

Less Reliance on HVAC Equipment

Increase the life span of your HVAC equipment as your new windows reduce the heating and cooling loads placed on the appliances. 

Reduced Condensation 

Condensation and frost can mar your view to the outdoors, lead to mold, and contribute to the rotting of wooden frames. Energy-efficient windows have a warmer surface to prevent moisture buildup and damage. 

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