Garden Window Installation & Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Garden Window Installation & Replacement in Milwaukee, WIGarden windows offer a unique combination of beauty and usefulness, adding natural light to your chosen room in a 3D configuration. The garden window is the ideal spot for a convenient indoor herb garden, any time of year.

When you have a garden window installed in the perfect spot, like above the kitchen sink, you can simply reach up for some basil whenever you need it while cooking. Of course, there are many more places to install a garden window, and many options for plants or items to display in it.

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What Is a Garden Window?

A garden window extends out beyond the boundary of your window sill, typically made up of a glass “roof” and sides, and a shelf-like base. There are usually one or two shelves within the window space to display items or grow plants.

Since garden windows are designed to protrude out (almost like a small bay window), they can bring in lots of light. Garden windows also add interest to the exterior view of your home. Inside, the windows provide a nice view, as you look out between your plant stems, flower vases, cactus garden, ceramics collection—or whatever you’ve chosen to display.

Garden Window vs. Bay Window: What’s the Difference?

Both types of windows offer a 3D effect, jutting from the siding of your house. In fact, garden windows look something like miniature bay windows. In the much larger bay window, however, the “shelf” or display space is large enough to use as a window seat or bookshelf.

The vertical sides of a garden window are typically set at a 90-degree angle to your house, to create a deep space for your window garden. In bay windows, the sides are often installed at a shallower angle, so that the large window extends out gracefully from your exterior wall. When you need window replacement in Milwaukee, consider these two popular window options.

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Garden Window Benefits for Your Milwaukee Home

Zen Windows sells garden windows in a variety of sizes and styles, customizable to suit your taste and complement your home’s architecture. Some garden window advantages include:

  • Providing new, expanded views: You’ll be able to look directly out your garden window, as well as take in the views from various angles and vantage points around the room.
  • Bringing in light: A garden window can brighten any room with natural light, from a kitchen to a home office, a craft room, and more.
  • Adding space for display: Grow a window herb garden—or use the garden window’s shelf to display an artsy arrangement of objects, a treasured collection, or a grouping of family photos. The window can add a new focal point to your room, bringing extra attention to items or plants displayed there.

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