Hopper Window Installation & Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Hopper windows offer the perfect blend of functionality, versatility, and security. This inverted awning-style window is equipped with a bottom hinge so that the window pane opens inward. This range of motion gives you optimal control and excellent ventilation in enclosed or small spaces, like basements and storm cellars. Electrostatic fiberglass screens protect your home from any debris or insects.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we specialize in selling and installing replacement windows that fit your home, your style, and your budget! With a variety of custom options, our vinyl hopper windows can add style and value to any home.

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Where Are the Best Places to Install Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows have a compact design, weather-tight seals, and moisture-resistant features that make them ideal for various applications. From basements to small bathrooms, hopper windows can fit in areas with limited wall space, adding natural light and air to cramped spaces.

While that means hopper windows can breathe new life into some of the darker areas of your home, it also makes this window style effective at fending off moisture and mold growth.

Additionally, hopper windows have impenetrable perimeter seals and stainless steel reinforcements, making them highly secure against the outdoor elements and intruders. That’s one of the reasons why this window style is a top choice for basement windows!

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Hopper Window Features & Add-On Options

At Zen Windows, we’re proud to offer hopper windows with the most advanced innovations and top-of-the-line features, including:

  • Double-strength 7/8″ insulated glass
  •  An Intercept® warm-edge spacer system
  • Fusion-welded frames
  • Secure 3 1/4″ thick frames
  • Electrostatic fiberglass screens
  • And more!

Beyond these features, we also offer an array of add-on options so you can customize your replacement hopper windows to perfectly match your needs and home. Optional add-on features include:

  • Cardinal 366 double-pane low-E glass with argon gas fill
  • Cardinal 366 triple-pane low-E glass
  • Obscure, tempered, or tinted glass
  • Foam-filled sashes
  • Fiberglass or wire screens
  • Brass grids
  • Various finishes, including sandstone, light or dark oak or cherry woodgrain, and more!
Simple and Accurate Quotes

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At Zen Windows, we offer the highest quality hopper windows that are beautiful and built to last. Our vinyl-framed hopper windows are affordable and extremely energy efficient. You’ll notice the difference in your energy bills after you upgrade your old windows with our expertly installed vinyl hopper windows.

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