Slider Windows in Milwaukee

Horizontal slider windows are excellent for adding ventilation, natural light, and easy functionality to a home. At Zen Windows Milwaukee, our team offers a variety of slider windows, gliding windows, and replacement window options that are ideal for use in nearly any space.

Zen Windows Milwaukee is a unique window and door company that offers fast, simple, and pressure-free window installation services. When you want to work with dedicated, passionate professionals who go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction, we’re the window professionals to call!

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What Are Slider Windows?

Slider Window in MilwaukeeHorizontal slider windows are functionally very similar to a double hung window, in that both use two sashes that are suspended in an aluminum track for easy operation. The difference lies in how they operate. A slider window opens horizontally, either to the left or to the right depending on the slider windows type. Slider windows can be installed to either have only one functioning sash, or two sashes that can be shifted independently.

Because slider windows do not protrude from the home or open outwardly (except when being cleaned), they are ideal for areas where usable space is at a premium in your home. Typically, slider windows are found in living rooms, dining areas, bonus rooms, and kitchens to provide an excellent view of the outdoors.

The Benefits of Slider Windows

Slider windows provide a range of excellent benefits that make them an attractive option for Wisconsin homes. The most notable advantages include:

  • Dependable security: Glider windows don’t require pulleys, springs, and other complex mechanisms that other windows require, making them highly sturdy. Add in an excellent latching mechanism and you have a window that is highly secure.
  • Unobstructed viewing: Obstructive designs are left to the discretion of the buyer, meaning if you want a clear view with no muntins or rails to get in the way, you can find it with slider windows.
  • High energy efficiency: No extra mechanisms means more room for focusing on a tight air seal and excellent comfort retention. Add in that there are triple- and double-pane options for slider windows and you have a great energy-efficient window option.
  • Simple maintenance: Most slider windows can be unlatched and tilted, making for fast and simple cleaning and routine window maintenance.
  • Design and size versatility: slider windows come in virtually limitless sizes and can be found in a wide range of material types and styles, so you can customize according to your tastes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of slider windows?

Slider windows provide ventilation and lighting in tight spaces, such as rooms that face porches or patios. Consider sliding windows if you want to replace a picture window with something that offers more ventilation. The sleek, classic look of slider windows fits well with contemporary home styles.

Why are my sliding windows hard to open?

If your sliding windows are hard to open, you probably have gunk built up in the sliding track. The good news is this can be cleaned. Remove the sash from the window frame and clean the track with a simple mix of soap and water. When you’re done, you might want to lubricate the rollers on the window using a non-silicone lubricant.

Sliding windows that stick all the time may have bad rollers. It’s possible to replace the rollers, but if the rollers are failing, it could be due to age and it might be worth replacing old sliding windows.

Sliding window vs. casement windows: What’s the difference?

Crank windows – i.e., casement windows – are attached to the frame by one or more hinges, typically at the side. Slider windows, by comparison, sit within the window frame and open by pulling horizontally or vertically.