Patio Door Replacement & Installation Services in Milwaukee, WI

Elevate your living space by improving your access to the outdoors with the ease of patio doors. Whether you are in the market for patio door installation or replacement, modern construction boasts shatter-proof glass, better security, and improved performance. Experience all the benefits of modern patio door offerings with Zen Windows Milwaukee.

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What Are Patio Doors?

white living room with sliding glass door to outside

Patio doors, sometimes referred to as sliding-glass doors, allow outdoor access and ample light via two large glass panes tall enough for adults to enter or exit. One glass section is fixed while the other slides in a horizontal track. Patio doors are commonly installed in bathrooms, closets, hallways, offices, outdoor kitchens, and spa areas.

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The Pros and Cons of Patio doors

Patio doors are rarely the wrong choice. The added natural light and space-saving design enhance the appeal and value of your home with the following noteworthy benefits:

  • Design value: Patio doors add a unique feature to any room.
  • Functionality: Homeowners love the accessibility patio doors offer their family for entering and exiting the home when they want. The glass entry/exit also offers clear visibility so parents can keep an eye on what their children are up to!
  • Energy efficiency: Glass doors allow for more natural light to enter your home during the day, reducing your energy footprint. Patio doors fitted with composite gaskets are virtually sound- and weatherproof, providing an airtight seal for enhanced thermal insulation. Available glazing can shield against UV damage and give additional thermal insulation for improved energy-efficiency.
  • Resale value: Patio doors are a sought-after feature for prospective buyers and will increase the value of your home.
  • Security: Shatter-proof safety glass protects your family from accidents and potential break-ins. Add security features like incorporated gaskets, aluminum seals, fixed leaves, hook-over locking mechanisms, and engineered stiles, and your patio doors will offer continued security for years to come.

The only real cons of patio doors would be that the glass requires frequent cleaning, and the tracks and seals need occasional maintenance for optimum performance.

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What to Expect with a Patio Doors Installation

Add value to your home with a patio doors installation project. Zen Windows Milwaukee will consult with you on the exact location and function you desire for your patio doors and ensure they are precisely sized and installed for energy efficiency and reliability. Each installation comes with our no-money-down guarantee because we are confident in the quality workmanship we bring to each window project.

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Why Choose Zen Windows Milwaukee?

Zen Windows Milwaukee has built our business on our unparalleled customer service. Since we began in 1998, we have been fine-tuning how we do business to ensure that our customers’ needs aren’t just met, but surpassed. Our customers-first ethic, coupled with our commitment to product quality, are why we make customers for life. Choosing Zen Windows Milwaukee guarantees you:

  • Zero-hassle window quotes
  • No sales pressure
  • No up-front deposit
  • Expert window installation
  • Lifetime warranties

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