Sliding Glass Door Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors For Your Patio

Sliding glass doors are made of large glass panels that let natural light stream into your living space while simultaneously giving you spectacular views of the outdoors. Also called sliders or gliding doors, sliding glass patio doors incorporate two glass panels — one that is fixed in place while the other slides open and closed along a fixed track.

Whether you need expert advice about your best options for new patio doors or it’s time to replace your sliding patio doors, Zen Windows Milwaukee has you covered!

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sliding patio door in sunroom

Why Sliding Glass Doors Are a Great Choice for Your Milwaukee Home

Since sliding glass exterior doors open horizontally instead of swinging in or out, they give you more usable space indoors and on your patio or deck, making furniture and decor placement a breeze.

With two large glass panes, patio doors let in tons of natural light and create an illusion of having a bigger living space. When you install a sliding glass door in your Milwaukee home, you’ll get a door that offers:

  • Ease of operation
  • Unobstructed outdoor views
  • More usable indoor living space
  • Custom sizes to accommodate your space and design needs
  • Increased security with a foot-operated deadbolt
  • A variety of gorgeous wood or painted framing options

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Custom Sliding Glass Doors in Milwaukee, WI

When you choose Zen Windows Milwaukee for your sliding glass doors, you’ll be able to customize your new sliding patio and exterior doors with a variety of options, including:

  • Traditional or contemporary frames in an array of colors
  • Decorative glass, including different grid patterns and etchings
  • Glass coating options

We design and manufacture our sliding glass doors to be stylish while promoting optimal efficiency and durability. Our doors are made of the finest materials, including solid steel, zinc-plated rollers that guarantee consistently smooth gliding motion. The iridium coating on the exposed metal fights corrosion caused by condensation.

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Why Zen Windows Is a Top Choice for New Sliding Glass Patio Doors In & Around Milwaukee

Unlike our national competitors, Zen Windows Milwaukee doesn’t use high-pressure sales tactics and long-winded sales pitches to make a sale. We want you to make an informed decision you’ll be happy with for years to come.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we understand that you have many options to choose from for patio door installation. That’s why we offer only the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship to ensure your new door will stand the test of time. We employ highly trained installers who have the expertise to install your products correctly the first time. And to top it off, we back our materials with a lifetime warranty — something you won’t get with our competitors.

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Sliding Door FAQs

What should I look for in a sliding glass door?

If you would like a sliding glass door that offers long-lasting, reliable performance for your Milwaukee home, choose one that features a strong, high-quality frame with smooth-operating tracks and energy-efficient, insulated glass. Ensure your sliding door also has a secure lock that fits tightly in the track so that it cannot be rocked or forced open.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, our sliding glass doors feature durable, energy-efficient frames and glass with the latest locking mechanisms for improved security.

Are sliding glass doors an efficient option?

Modern sliding patio doors can be quite energy-efficient compared to earlier models. By combining quality insulated frames with low-E, multi-pane insulated glass and high-performance weatherstripping, energy loss can be minimized, and your home’s comfort can be improved significantly.

With high-quality sliding doors from some of the best manufacturers on the market and our professional patio door installation services, our team at Zen Windows Milwaukee can make your sliding door as efficient as possible.

What’s the difference between a sliding glass door and a patio door?

Sliding glass doors make up the vast majority of patio doors, but there are other types available. French doors are quite popular, which feature two swinging entry doors that meet in the middle. Standard entry doors can also be used on patios, though they are often less aesthetically pleasing. Plus, sliding glass doors are not limited to use on the patio — they can be installed virtually anywhere, from second-floor balconies to bedrooms or dining rooms.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, our experts can discuss your patio door options and help you choose the best one for your needs. We offer sliding doors, standard patio doors, entry doors, and more in the Milwaukee area.