Awning Windows in Milwaukee, WI

Awning Windows in Milwaukee, WI

New windows can be a great way to freshen the exterior of your home while improving its energy efficiency and adding resale value. Awning windows add a distinct look to your home, and they are especially useful in areas that require ventilation and privacy. They fit in with nearly any architectural style, and they offer greater protection from rain than other types of windows.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we offer quality awning windows, as well as professional window installation services that maximize the longevity and efficiency of your new windows. Our company serves homeowners throughout the Milwaukee area, including Waukesha, New Berlin, Wauwatosa, and the surrounding communities.

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What Is an Awning Window?

Awning windows look similar to casement windows but are hinged at the top, allowing the bottom of the window to angle outwards. This creates a sloped surface like an awning, which provides ventilation and deflects rain during inclement weather.

Installed at eye level or above, awning windows can provide ambient light and ventilation to rooms like bathrooms or closets without compromising privacy. They also work well above entry doors to provide ventilation without leaving the door open and your home insecure.

Under windows with fixed or inoperable panes, such as picture windows, awning windows can offer much-needed ventilation without affecting the view. Awning windows are a versatile addition to your Milwaukee home, and they can be combined with picture windows, fixed windows, double-hung windows, or entry doors to create a unique look for your home.

Benefits of Awning Windows

Why should you choose awning windows for your application? Awning windows offer many benefits for your Milwaukee home, including:

  • Unique look: With the glass pane opening out at the bottom, awning windows have a distinct style that can set your home apart.
  • Weather resistance: With its sloped design and hinges at the top, an awning window safely diverts water away from the window opening, keeping your interior as dry as possible while still providing ventilation during storms.
  • Easy operation: Awning windows open easily with a crank on the frame, allowing the screen to stay in place as the window is operated, keeping bugs out.
  • Privacy and security: Awning windows can only be opened from the interior, they tend to be too small to provide easy entry, and when placed at or above eye level, they offer good privacy and ventilation in one package.
  • Versatility: Awning windows are available in multiple styles, colors, finishes, and sizes to match your application, and they can be combined with any architectural style, any window style, or most any door to create a unique look for your home.

Why Choose Zen Windows Milwaukee for Your Awning Window Installation?

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we are excited to offer our customers some of the best replacement windows, entry doors, and patio doors on the market. When you are ready to order the awning windows for your Milwaukee home, our streamlined, no-hassle quote system offers extremely accurate replacement window quotes in a matter of minutes by simply answering a few simple questions.

Our friendly, attentive personnel will help you find the best windows for your application with no high-pressure sales tactics, and we can walk you through our impressive financing options to make the window buying process as smooth and convenient as possible.

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