Casement Windows in Milwaukee, WI

When you would like a large amount of ventilation and light in your Milwaukee home, casement windows are a great option. They are often combined with picture windows, bay windows, or a matching casement window to create a larger opening with a unique look, and they offer a long service life with minimal maintenance.

At Zen Windows Milwaukee, we are eager to help you find the ideal casement window for your needs. We offer numerous styles, options, and sizes, as well as professional window installation services that will maximize the performance and efficiency of your new windows. We stand behind our products, and by choosing Zen Windows Milwaukee, you can expect:

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What Is a Casement Window?

Casement windows feature a single sash hinged at the side of the frame, opening like a door. Many use a crank mechanism to open the window, while others are manually pushed open and equipped with a stay that can secure the window in the outward position. Screens can be installed on the interior to keep insects out, and they are available in multiple styles, finishes, and sizes to meet your architectural design and style preferences.

What Are French Casement Windows?

French casement windows are a pair of casement windows hinged at opposite sides and open in the middle, similar to French doors. With no center column or support between the two sashes, French casement windows provide a single large opening when both windows are fully opened.

What Is The Difference Between Casement & Double-Hung Windows?

Casement windows swing out from the side, while double-hung windows have two individual sashes placed in tracks, one that slides up to open and one that slides down. You can also tilt in double-hung windows for cleaning.

How Are Casement Windows & Awning Windows Similar?

Casement windows are orientated vertically and hinge at the side, while awning windows are orientated horizontally with hinges at the top. They open outward, creating a sloped surface that deflects rain. Mechanically, awning windows are nearly identical to casements, with a crank to open and keep the window in place. Hopper windows share a similar design to awning windows, with hinges at the bottom and a sash that opens inward.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost?

The cost of casement windows will depend on the size of the windows you choose, as well as the style, finish, and glass options you select. They are available with energy-efficient low-E glass, insulated glass, privacy glass, and more.

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